Frida Kahlo’s home , Casa Azul , Mexico City 2019

Frida Kahlo’s home , Casa Azul , Mexico City 2019


Kelsey Anne Heimerman is classical trained visionary oil painter.   Her unique gift to portray visual language has been nurtured and guided by a family of artists since she was 5 years old. She approaches painting as a primary form of thinking with limitless possibilities which consistently produce her innovative work. The observance of people through art history, dogmas, belief systems and culture driven metrics often influence the work. These mythologies and systems are met with a modern technological twist that create a hybrid from of ancient patterns and mysticism with contemporary glitches, molecule-like structures and portraiture. Her early self made success is contributed to her entrepreneurial spirit and ability to imbue her monumental art with a futuristic way of thinking and elaborate imaginative skills. In 2015 she opened her independent art studio in Dallas and first received recognition from the community by winning an artist grant from The Nasher Sculpture Center. The following year she held a self made solo exhibition and sold out. This allowed her to   travel to different countries, and tropical islands to explore and calibrate her visual inventory that influences the work she is creating today.

The visionary paintings of people and places often intertwine with abstract patterns,  initially captivating the viewer with bold, color saturated pallets. Themes of everyday life, ritual and technology flutter in and out compositions creating visionary worlds that bend the rules of physical reality. Gold leaf infused surfaces are engorged with buttery oil paint as it sculpturally bleeds and pulls figures into imaginary narratives. Elegant, sometimes androgynous, multi colored  human forms are dissolved with warping distortions that pull and pixelate to create a hybrid forms of the human condition. Figures are liberated of gender roles, cultural boundaries, oppressed historical pasts and dramatized sexualization by being represented in new inclusive way. Almost as if the marks are a memory from a dream, the impressive narratives and portraits reflect an inner world.  Dreamlike environments along with portraiture that is split, stretched and open to express psychology and spirituality of the self with an empathetic view towards humankind. 

Traveling to sacred archaeological sites, renowned museums, exhibitions and biennales as well as immersion into other cultures is an important facet of my artmaking practice. I have cultivated my images and concepts  through the nurturing of a curious mind that explores philosophy, metaphysics, science, feminism, classic literature, psychology, technology and history… just to name a few. The work conjures concepts of unity, humanity and spiritual worlds by using multiple races in the same frame, global patterns, figures displaying gestural positions that tell narratives of peace and enlightenment and nod at classic renaissance compositional decisions. I record and reimagine the mythologies, colors, textures and unique traditional expressions.  The purpose is to fuel and engage with a dynamic world, that fights to coexists through an expression that is methodical, well thought out and flawlessly executed. If one thing can connect people... it is the visual language of archetypes embedded within us all, a language that is universal, considerate and powerful enough to influence culture.  

To create art is to add to the evolution of humanity, to be tapped into the same divine force that once created the Sistine chapel, the great pyramids, the cave of Lascaux, the Damien Hirst kaleidoscope paintings, Kahlo self portraits, the Keith Herring hallow bodies, Basquiat’s iconic mark making, Francis Bacon’s morphing portraiture , Murakami’s vivid imagination, and Marina Abramovic’s spiritual physical masterpieces. There is an abstract space beyond the self that pours out images for entire life times, that then engage and influence the public for centuries. We see it over and over again, we become obsessed with the knowledge, richness and rarity of these precious objects. Oil paintings transcend time, holding themselves firmly in place throughout centuries, carrying messages, archetypes and holy icons and I am a single long thread in the unique artist tapestry that is art history.

She operates both inside and outside of the art world, consistently making it into international gallery and museum exhibitions as well as retaining her independently ran studio/ gallery that pushes the boundaries of connecting art and people in new and innovative ways. Through dedicated discipline of evolving her knowledge and painting skills, Heimerman's dream is for the work to influence others on a larger platform.  She consistently reaches out to connect with new people who share the mission of making the world more educated and beautiful. 


Founder & Owner of Kelsey Anne Heimerman Studios

Professional experience, Awards, Fellowships 

2008-2019 : Founder/ Owner Kelsey Anne Heimerman Studios

2019 Editors Art Prize, Academic Journal the porter house review 

2018 Board Member TACA The arts community alliance 

2016 Micro-grant winner from Nasher Sculpture Museum 

2016-18 Guest Lecture at the University of North Texas

2016-18 Guest Lecture at Texas Woman's University

2016 Publication Fellowship in Painting  Peripheral Vision Arts, Dallas, Tx 

2012 Guggenheim Museum intern Venice,  Italy 

Expeditions, Residencies, Workshops, Education

2019 Mexico City : Freida Kahlo, Pyramids of Teotihuacan, research and expedition of primitive culture and political insight of Texas/Mexico relationship

2019 Joshua tree, California Castle House Residency: Exploration of iconic dessert and astrological events

2018 Venice, Florence, Padova Italy: research of cathedrals and iconography

2018 Dallas, Texas : Healers workshop, multiple events with Refuge Meditation Center, using art to influence visualization in meditative states

2018 Secret Location: Art healers Residency with Ancient teachers of Shipibo tribe from Peru

2016 Kauai, Hawaii: Exploration of Hawaiian Ancient Polynesian culture, Completed Kalalau Valley trail

2016 Route 66 American Expedition of Epic Landscapes including Grand Canon, Bryce Canyon, California Coast line

2015 Venice , Florence, Rome, Cortina Italy research of Renaissance art through painting and sculpture

2015-2018 Artist in residence at Southside on Lamar, Dallas Tx 

2006-2012 MFA University of North Texas 

Solo Exhibitions

2019 Monumental Art Sales: Dallas Texas, open studio and exhibition 

2018 Janette Kennedy Gallery, Solo Exhibition "One”

2018 Open Wide, A view from the artists gallery with Paris Fashion Designer, Fode and Blank Canvas

2017 Janette Kennedy Gallery, Solo Exhibition "American Dream"

2016 Janette Kennedy Gallery, solo exhibition Oil and Glass, Dallas, Tx

2015 RA Gallery Trending, Dallas Tx 

2015 Open Studio,  Southside Lamar, Dallas Tx

2014 Rachel Nash Gallery, Shrine Shriner, Dallas Tx

Group, juried Exhibitions and Art Fairs 

2019 Blue Ciel, Blue Mar Sold Out Event featuring Jeremy McKane and Kelsey Anne Heimerman, Artist Uprising

2019 CICA museum Gimpo-si  South Korea, portrait exhibition  

2018 San Francisco Art Fair, with Joel Cooner Gallery 

2018 Oak Cliff Cultural Center “HumanKind” Exhibition with Sedrick Huckaby and Jose Canepa 

2017 Fort Worth Community Arts Center, Solo ShowDown, Juror Jennifer Casler Price, Curator at Kimbell Art Museum

2017 R02Art Chaos Art Exhibition Group show 

2017 Art Basel 1.0 Digital platform, Switzerland

2016  Galeri Urbane, Seattle Art Fair, works on paper

2011 "Fresh Meat" 500x Gallery, Juried exhibition juried by Cris Worley and Erick Swensen, Dallas Texas

Public Art

Muralist for Downtown Denton Square, 150 ft

The Refuge Yoga Center: Artist in Residence

Avoca Coffee: Fort Worth 

SB Corporate art collection 

C2 Art Advisors Corporate Art Collection

At&T Corporate Art collection 

Selected as muralist for 42 Murals, Deep Ellum Dallas, Texas