Kelsey Anne Heimerman's ancestors immigrated to America from Germany and Ireland, eventually settling in the Midwest. She was born and raised in the grandeur landscape of North Texas. From a young age she watched her father, a carpenter, and mother a glassblower, work with their hands and mimicked this creativity by painting; including her first mural at age 9, covering her entire bedroom ceiling in coy fish. Attending private schools, and later a University she was known as a remarkable painter and non conformist who questioned authority. This would later manifest itself towards an investigation of global philosophies and ideologies that inspire the work.

Heimerman documented her experiences religiously creating over thousands of drawings and close to 500 paintings thus far. Godless and unattached to dogmas allow her creative work to flow freely, without limitations. Kelsey’s true love with painting grew in the ability to reflect, edit, contemplate, describe, pick apart, throw away and transform. She saw the art world as the ultimate universal language that required no age, intelligence or race to admire it. Through her focused study of portraiture, color, composition and pattern making her individual perspective is poured out into the world through paint.

Using a brush and wood panel or canvas as her means of exploration, Heimerman spent the last eight years focused on mastering oil painting. Experimenting with colors, compositions and working out her ideas to create her unique style. She was a favorite in her BFA program and spent many hours in the local coffee shop studying people. She developed a secret graffiti identity while simultaneously investing in an entrepreneurial opportunity. She successfully co-opened an artisan coffee shop which still thrives in the community today. Seeking diversity, in 2014 she moved to a new city and opened a studio space, where she currently creates and resides. She developed a taste for European cities, and as an examiner of modern life she became obsessed with the details of everything. She notices bizarreness in a world full of status symbols, #veganism, #robotics, #zoloft, #plasticsurgery, #fortunecookies, #vaccines, #celebritypresidency, #economicinequality #cryotherapy, #refugees and #shamanism. The brevity and absurdity in the spectrum of these topics often influence the paintings. In January 2016 she was awarded a grant from The Nasher Sculpture Center and subsequently sold out of her second ever independent solo exhibition. The Nasher Sculpture Center  provided the initial funding for “Project People”, a series of distorted, figurative oil paintings in a variety of epic scales.  The figures are her metaphorical haystacks and they reflect of our contemporary world. Using distortion, engorged layers of firm, deliberate and bleeding paint become objectified as they describe flesh, spaces, animals and a codex of modern iconography. She is a perfectionist with a curious and investigative mind that is constantly evolving to develop her expressive and analytical technique.

As a seeker of knowledge and a person people are drawn to, Heimerman strives to become apart of the American female narrative. Influenced by Frida Kahlo, Keith Haring, Henry Darger, Hemonous Boch, Francis Bacon, Lucian Freud and Helmet Newton she continues diligentlyprojecting visions of a dreamlike futuristic worlds where all people of all race, class, culture and background interact. Her creative outlets are not defined to painting alone but also include sculpture, exclusive fashion design, commercial design, interior design, printmaking, drawing, digital painting, illustration and playing piano among others.

Currently Heimerman runs and operates completely independently, self funding most of her work continuing to thrive in the American art scene. She shows work in traditional and nontraditional spaces with the purpose of artwork being available to all people on a variety of platforms. In May 2017 she independently sold half of her collection, sending her career on faster projection towards these visionary worlds.


Awards, Fellowships and residencies

2014- Present Southside on Lamar , Artist in Residence in Artist Quarters, Dallas, Tx

2016 Guest Lecture at Texas Women's University, Denton Tx

2016 Publication Fellowship in Painting  Peripheral Vision Arts, Dallas, Tx 

2016 Mirco grant winner from Nasher Sculpture Museum, Dallas, Tx

Solo Exhibitions

2017 Jannet Kennedy Gallery, Solo Exhibition "American Dream"

2016 Jannet Kennedy Gallery, solo exhibition Oil and Glass, Dallas, Tx

2015 RA Gallery Trending, Dallas Tx 

2015 Open Studio,  Southside Lamar, Dallas Tx

2014 Rachel Nash Gallery, Shrine Shiner, Dallas Tx

GROUP and Juried Exhibitions

2017 42 Murals : Artwork Selected as Mural in Downtown Deep Ellum Dallas.

2017 Forth Worth Community Arts Center, Solo Show Down, Juror Jennifer Casler Price, Curator at Kimbell Art Museum

2017 Art Basel 1.0 Digital platform, Switzerland

2016 Seattle Art Fair, Galeri Urbane, works on paper

2016 Urban Scene, Pop Up, Dallas Tx

2016 Galeri Urbane, Galerie 3 , Dallas Tx 

2016 Galeri Urbane, Girls just wanna , Dallas Tx 

2015 Cedars open studio Tour , Dallas Tx

2013 Shift Art Show, (Hosted local art event) : Denton, Tx 

2013 Cora Stafford Gallery, University of North Texas, Denton, TX    

2012 Vortman’s 52 Annual Student Competition ; Juried by Clint Willour

2012 "Painting and Drawing association exhibition" in Light well Gallery at University of North Texas 

2011 "Fresh Meat" 500x Gallery, Juried exhibition juried by Cris Worley and Erick Swensen, Dallas Texas

Internships and Professional Experience  

2015-Present : Founder/ Owner of independent gallery & studio space KAH Studios

2013- Present: Co-Owner, Co-founder, Interior designer of Shift coffee (independent, direct trade coffee located in Denton,Tx) 

2012-2014 Gallery Attendant, Rachofsky House and Warehouse, Dallas,TX

2012: Short listed at Guggenheim in Venice as Gallery Assistant


2016 Art work Donated to Wipe out Kids Cancer

2015 Art Work donation to St. Elizabeth's all girls school

2015 Comm Deisgn logo donation for non profit charity, G03

2014 Comm Design Logo donation non profit charity: creating water systems for third world contries to grow their own food

Publications in Print and interviews 

2017 Dallas Designing Dreams, Artist Interview

2017 Solo Exhibition Review from Mary Jane

2016 Scott Gleeson. "Skinny Dip: An Interview with Kelsey Anne Heimerman." Peripheral Vision, Issue No. 1, 2016.

2016  Nasher Sculpture Center Press Release :

2015 ; blog for rising avant-garde artist nation wide     

2014 Raw Paw Zine, issued in local venues in Austin, Texas and South by Southwest Festival