I fell in love with a woman on the stone steps of Brooklyn.

I fell in love with her children. Cold and naked I sat and stared, wide eyed , high and aware. People these days they walk around subways , sedated, medicated , unappreciated .

Finding light at the end of a pipe...

Pipe dreams are stirring in the minds with so little time because the world is at war.

Warlocks with their politics , power tactics, tic tack religion that only pigeon holds fear.

We have become circumcised , cut from the outside ,  consumed from the inside.

Gutters rain and drain , drip drop , rain drop , drop top can't breathe from all the smog and imperfect dialogue.

We are schooled that we are born imperfect... hooked up to machines and morphine, unclean yet so serine ...blinded by light and wrapped up in the night by our sweet divine mother.

Brother from another mother... the homeless roam in a fog, weightless, devious, helpless fixtures of our uptown, downtown bring it down , take a selfie and shop around...

Consume consumer you don't even matter bend over and be shattered

Walking around ...aimlessly ... Brutality ...Knowing I should do something but feeling so down I do nothing., I am emptied.

Walking around like literal zombies with no hope for a better future because I'd rather keep my distance from the man with no nomenclature.

Brother from another mother wrapped in turban and sari you are my dearest darling

Sharing culture and spices and alternative devises .. I am sorry for my country.

Brother from another mother , the one who looks nothing like my father , offering up insight, shining light on the sacredness of life ... Singing precious lullabies to fall into night. I dream of you and fight to make my dreams not my master.

Different color different skin, you are my akin.

Effected , tattooed, dreamers, gift givers, monks, hand holders comedians, painters and writers those do-gooders being good for the sake of goodness.

Cast a shadow. Hello Mara, I see you, i love you and wont let it happen again, I honor you shadow, I nurture you, I take care of anger and sorrow.

In raged, Because fake idols , fake news fake people, fake boobs are wrapped up and abused, cremated from the inside like a social genocide.

Grape jelly filled Suicide , people falling from cliff sides and sky scrapers high... no need for a second longer.

Pop pills pill popper , don't you want to see rich white coat doctor?

Are you sad , anxious or feeling at all ? Because the people who said they would support you... hate you, emotionally give up on you, demonize, idolize socialize and fuck other people...

My body is the temple

Become sedated, radiated, associated plasticated.

Lift, tuck, inject , mirco derma abrasion you are subject to societal erosion.

Women in their 50s unable to age gracefully while their cheating husband grows silver honestly.

How do people learn to love when there is so much hate and how do people give in when there's so much to take.

Sitting wide eyed, ocean floor, mountain high I am simplified.

Smoke the Pipe to see or deal or move, you are my mystic. 

Tears stream from my eyes knowing that this moment someone is being born, and someone dies we all run around trying to feel alive.

Cut from the same cloth we pretend we are so different, ripping each other apart full of indifference .

Competition is the thief of joy. peering over the edge of the most stunning cliff

not too far is a suicide hotline... Ring ring, Waiting for the call of someone who felt too small in a world masked in human frailty

we have one common enemy.

You. You who stand for things that are small, spreading fake news and ignoring it all. You who brings the woman home only to try on, a crashing drone. Upload to your instagram, I am not a god damn program. 

Walking past the poor with pockets full of gold, being sold over and over with no ethics to hold .

Manhood robbed like robbinhood , men growing up with cracked mothers , broke run down fathers with no role model.

Model into a different kind of being, being shaped into something we haven't seen.

Model Model me, shape myself into the perfect being.

Full of insight , hope and light, a complex concauction of vain divinity... Humanity. 

Divided we stand , shattered and all.. 50 stars and 13 stripes we can't seem to get it right.

Racist and confused hate bruised the minds of the narrow.

We shot an arrow and turned it into nuclear war.

Elected the puppets and assassinated Kennedy, poor Jackie sweetheart of society blood stained lace and brain matter traced... Her.

Man on the moon man in the moon can you see me now??!

Naked and loud I'm screaming out loud

E.T. come save me.

We judge ourselves from the beginning

we are told we are small, we won't amount to anything at all , stuck in a polluted system with only temporary moments of light.

We struggle for arts for the good things we love,

Standing up to haters, resisters and nay Sayers.

We let our dreams become pipe dreams, and our pipes become realities.

Human fallacy, I'm wrapped up in the stars from the galaxy ... Ashes to dust and dust we shall return ... burned , and re birthed into star stuff.

Born into this ... and at times, I know not what to do with it.