If i meet one more incapable man with baby fever

Let your member out for countless eager beavers 

Spreading unevolved seeds that are impassive. 

If i see one more room filled with whites

men signing petitions for women reproductive rights 

On tinder, sending sexual messages to the assistant sheer tights 

Woman are the masters of their lives, our body is not on your table for fight. 

For equality evolves the great nation, save me from social damnation.  

we are no different than a tulip farmer protecting his field

I kneel, armed in jade shields, so that compassion might untimely yield.  


I lye down for you

Fetish and all Dripping in honey , an Aphrodite goddess

Perverted vision, I am an open lotus 

Blooming above the water are others to take notice

For flowers are precious sacred openings of life 

How dare you use the knife 

to cut out her delicate limbs 

female circumcision 

Cellular division

Again and again partial collision. 

I am judged for feminism 

Equal people, equal rights , we are gods and goddess and gods and goddesses of expressionism 

people breeding Heathenism 


I am for progression. 

Extremism in the name of 

equality and femenism.