Celestial being, Celestial being I kneel down before 1,000 Queen's

Only to be dropped into infinate mirrors 

Drenched in light, becoming to be a warrior for the good fight

Saturated in Jade , lit from within... I ignite. 

Dropped into Pandora's Box

you left, he left, and they left and she left and he left because they all leave everybody comes and goes in the moment that you think you have something to be loved and to behold

It evaporates . As it should,

I am a sapphire bleached in sisterhood. 

Beauty beauty beauty please stay with me  

Ciao Bella , ciao Bella I see you there 

Come up for air 

She flew to Italy to be an Au Pair.

Wrapped up in a Celestial being

I'm only manifestation of intention

A direct corelation from the heavens above and the heavens below  

I surrender

My thoughts

I let them be,

For the Buddah is still teaching me

I found infinity in a vicinity

 water pouring in alkalinity 

My mind is not the master

the heart is not the master


Your dreams are not your master

Dearly beloved, dearly beloved

We gather here today to honor the one in front of you 

Gracious presence, amber smoke filled room, do you see me now?

I'll wake up each day and make my bed so neatly,

floating through heaven gates dreaming 

Angels above angels below do you see me writing out loud

My heart is piercing through the clouds,

You shot an arrow 

don't send me another diluted cupid. 

I awoke from a dream so real it was reality

Pouring over ancient mandates 

Standing so still on lava shifting tectonic plates

Crumbled Towers fall into ruins

only to reveal a City built on ruins

built on ruins built on ruins

and I go to my studio and all I create

are ruins.

 I speak to you from old wood floors

San Paulo burning high through the doors

paintings being made for you to adore

I give my everything to you. 

The memories I store them delicately

In my mind

A perfect Exquisite Gallery beautifully dissolved through time. 

I honor them like any fine work of art, visiting them time to time with a violet heart. 

Lavender baths , physical body steaming to relax 

Candles ignite and I am here creating a climax, custom parallax. 

Because yolo yall

the Vampire Sapphire Towers

crumble and they were built so tall,

Sacred Will power