Louis Louis fendi fendi prada prada 

All these basic people collecting so I don't gotta

Cartier watches time stops in a jet plane

1 percent gets out plush slippers, but I don't give a fuck about what YOU OWN

Dinning out with the gold diggers

What is luxury beyond the brand ? Beyond the man

The freedom to have something that no one else can

Spinning in nice cars, stacking up gold bars

Time is a luxury

Our ultimate fallacy because we get up 9

push and push the grind , grind our dreams into particles there so small to see

Drink the coffee , pay your bills , send unconditional love to your mother

Be kind to one another

Time is a luxury

In  global world connected by waves

We are vibrations

We're all striving for better days

Consuming commodities, items of luxury

Can I have what you have mr? Light me a cigarette on the cold stone blister ... Can I have another ? Can I get a lighter ..

Lighter time of being we are lost in a sea of social scenes , snorting up fake news headed to bed with nightmarish blues

Take a hit and let it out

Waking up wondering if it will all be alright

Has the president sent the nooks over night ?

Statues collapse with racist ideologies 

My sincerest apology, What could save us if not Technology 

Buried epistemology

Ask Obama for spare change

flags are at half-mast we honor tragedy after tragedy. 

For the man with the gun he goes into the crowd annihilates them all

with several shot rounds, in fear crowds crawl  

Shooting shooting shooting , I call for stars not bullets 

Evaporation human filthiness  

There is a method to the madness

Follow me darling,

breathe just a little deeper, hold in a little longer 

Outreach a little further 

See a little clearer 

Write down a name and let it burn with the sage

Come out from backstage, Engage, come of age, and fuck minimum wage. 

There is everything to feel right now and now and now

I promise Ill take care of you, this is my human spirit vow.