Holidays these days are a product of fetishism

propaganda egotism, consumer extremism

void of all real divine mysticism

The clock is ticking, and it does not serve novelty 

The clock is ticking

Nature is unforgiving.

What is required to be here is moral intelligence 

Do your due diligence 

Be a great teacher 

Breath in elegance to be a great speaker

the right idea is not enough 

Be raw and burn the dogma handcuffs

what is necessary is the lightening strike 

Visionaries are born north star above, shining dark night. 





Against all odds of entropy 

I lead with confident empathy

a focused practice of divine introspection in the form of creativity 




Soul food

The soul with in you is living through you 

A sacred being allowing its signature to be expressed 


See each day and expereince as something new. 



Reproductive Rights


If i meet one more incapable man with baby fever

Let your member out for countless eager beavers 

Spreading unevolved seeds that are impassive. 

If i see one more room filled with whites

men signing petitions for women reproductive rights 

On tinder, sending sexual messages to the assistant sheer tights 

Woman are the masters of their lives, our body is not on your table for fight. 

For equality evolves the great nation, save me from social damnation.  

we are no different than a tulip farmer protecting his field

I kneel, armed in jade shields, so that compassion might untimely yield.  


I lye down for you

Fetish and all Dripping in honey , an Aphrodite goddess

Perverted vision, I am an open lotus 

Blooming above the water are others to take notice

For flowers are precious sacred openings of life 

How dare you use the knife 

to cut out her delicate limbs 

female circumcision 

Cellular division

Again and again partial collision. 

I am judged for feminism 

Equal people, equal rights , we are gods and goddess and gods and goddesses of expressionism 

people breeding Heathenism 


I am for progression. 

Extremism in the name of 

equality and femenism. 





Beauty in sixes

Beauty and ugliness are both temporary 

Be ashamed to die until you have left a victory for humanity 

Velvet ditch! I'll give Satan a swirly, shed the vanity. 

Fucking insanity 






Feed into my intellect, 

this is introspect

I will not hold on to reason 

For it would be intellectual treason. 




Alone but not lonely, 

Comfortably indulging, take time to get to know me. 

Constantly evolving, steadily revolving 

I'm only a version of what I use to be, ad infinitum dissolving

Hope and imagination this is my gifted creation 

Listen to my poignent dictation 


Formation of a foundation, 

My kindness is not flirtation flotation 

I have graduated, migrating to another location 

Litigation, levitation and meditation . 

Alleviation, angelic inter planetary vacation 

I bow down to Lemuria

In times of hysteria 

Purging for divine moments of euphoria .


Sapphire Towers

Celestial being, Celestial being I kneel down before 1,000 Queen's

Only to be dropped into infinate mirrors 

Drenched in light, becoming to be a warrior for the good fight

Saturated in Jade , lit from within... I ignite. 

Dropped into Pandora's Box

you left, he left, and they left and she left and he left because they all leave everybody comes and goes in the moment that you think you have something to be loved and to behold

It evaporates . As it should,

I am a sapphire bleached in sisterhood. 

Beauty beauty beauty please stay with me  

Ciao Bella , ciao Bella I see you there 

Come up for air 

She flew to Italy to be an Au Pair.

Wrapped up in a Celestial being

I'm only manifestation of intention

A direct corelation from the heavens above and the heavens below  

I surrender

My thoughts

I let them be,

For the Buddah is still teaching me

I found infinity in a vicinity

 water pouring in alkalinity 

My mind is not the master

the heart is not the master


Your dreams are not your master

Dearly beloved, dearly beloved

We gather here today to honor the one in front of you 

Gracious presence, amber smoke filled room, do you see me now?

I'll wake up each day and make my bed so neatly,

floating through heaven gates dreaming 

Angels above angels below do you see me writing out loud

My heart is piercing through the clouds,

You shot an arrow 

don't send me another diluted cupid. 

I awoke from a dream so real it was reality

Pouring over ancient mandates 

Standing so still on lava shifting tectonic plates

Crumbled Towers fall into ruins

only to reveal a City built on ruins

built on ruins built on ruins

and I go to my studio and all I create

are ruins.

 I speak to you from old wood floors

San Paulo burning high through the doors

paintings being made for you to adore

I give my everything to you. 

The memories I store them delicately

In my mind

A perfect Exquisite Gallery beautifully dissolved through time. 

I honor them like any fine work of art, visiting them time to time with a violet heart. 

Lavender baths , physical body steaming to relax 

Candles ignite and I am here creating a climax, custom parallax. 

Because yolo yall

the Vampire Sapphire Towers

crumble and they were built so tall,

Sacred Will power





Call for shooting stars not bullets

Louis Louis fendi fendi prada prada 

All these basic people collecting so I don't gotta

Cartier watches time stops in a jet plane

1 percent gets out plush slippers, but I don't give a fuck about what YOU OWN

Dinning out with the gold diggers

What is luxury beyond the brand ? Beyond the man

The freedom to have something that no one else can

Spinning in nice cars, stacking up gold bars

Time is a luxury

Our ultimate fallacy because we get up 9

push and push the grind , grind our dreams into particles there so small to see

Drink the coffee , pay your bills , send unconditional love to your mother

Be kind to one another

Time is a luxury

In  global world connected by waves

We are vibrations

We're all striving for better days

Consuming commodities, items of luxury

Can I have what you have mr? Light me a cigarette on the cold stone blister ... Can I have another ? Can I get a lighter ..

Lighter time of being we are lost in a sea of social scenes , snorting up fake news headed to bed with nightmarish blues

Take a hit and let it out

Waking up wondering if it will all be alright

Has the president sent the nooks over night ?

Statues collapse with racist ideologies 

My sincerest apology, What could save us if not Technology 

Buried epistemology

Ask Obama for spare change

flags are at half-mast we honor tragedy after tragedy. 

For the man with the gun he goes into the crowd annihilates them all

with several shot rounds, in fear crowds crawl  

Shooting shooting shooting , I call for stars not bullets 

Evaporation human filthiness  

There is a method to the madness

Follow me darling,

breathe just a little deeper, hold in a little longer 

Outreach a little further 

See a little clearer 

Write down a name and let it burn with the sage

Come out from backstage, Engage, come of age, and fuck minimum wage. 

There is everything to feel right now and now and now

I promise Ill take care of you, this is my human spirit vow. 



On the note of being competitive , greatness comes from multiple places. To dream and achieve goals should be honored not oppressed. 

Competitiveness pushes ingenuity of creativity forward . 


the matrix was a documentary 

Hate, fight, yell and judge these are not primary traits in utilizing our human capacity 

we are built with empathy 

Building on the foundation of generations before us

we have inadvertently become so focused on the building

we have forgotten the foundation that holds it up

REAPING it so long, we have forgotten. 

Baby i have not forgotten, I lye open 

DOGMA in all the gods sit before me 

Futuristic pagan, I am a protected visionary

crucify me for and cast it all for sake of bronze statues.


I fell in love with a woman on the stone steps of Brooklyn.

I fell in love with her children. Cold and naked I sat and stared, wide eyed , high and aware. People these days they walk around subways , sedated, medicated , unappreciated .

Finding light at the end of a pipe...

Pipe dreams are stirring in the minds with so little time because the world is at war.

Warlocks with their politics , power tactics, tic tack religion that only pigeon holds fear.

We have become circumcised , cut from the outside ,  consumed from the inside.

Gutters rain and drain , drip drop , rain drop , drop top can't breathe from all the smog and imperfect dialogue.

We are schooled that we are born imperfect... hooked up to machines and morphine, unclean yet so serine ...blinded by light and wrapped up in the night by our sweet divine mother.

Brother from another mother... the homeless roam in a fog, weightless, devious, helpless fixtures of our uptown, downtown bring it down , take a selfie and shop around...

Consume consumer you don't even matter bend over and be shattered

Walking around ...aimlessly ... Brutality ...Knowing I should do something but feeling so down I do nothing., I am emptied.

Walking around like literal zombies with no hope for a better future because I'd rather keep my distance from the man with no nomenclature.

Brother from another mother wrapped in turban and sari you are my dearest darling

Sharing culture and spices and alternative devises .. I am sorry for my country.

Brother from another mother , the one who looks nothing like my father , offering up insight, shining light on the sacredness of life ... Singing precious lullabies to fall into night. I dream of you and fight to make my dreams not my master.

Different color different skin, you are my akin.

Effected , tattooed, dreamers, gift givers, monks, hand holders comedians, painters and writers those do-gooders being good for the sake of goodness.

Cast a shadow. Hello Mara, I see you, i love you and wont let it happen again, I honor you shadow, I nurture you, I take care of anger and sorrow.

In raged, Because fake idols , fake news fake people, fake boobs are wrapped up and abused, cremated from the inside like a social genocide.

Grape jelly filled Suicide , people falling from cliff sides and sky scrapers high... no need for a second longer.

Pop pills pill popper , don't you want to see rich white coat doctor?

Are you sad , anxious or feeling at all ? Because the people who said they would support you... hate you, emotionally give up on you, demonize, idolize socialize and fuck other people...

My body is the temple

Become sedated, radiated, associated plasticated.

Lift, tuck, inject , mirco derma abrasion you are subject to societal erosion.

Women in their 50s unable to age gracefully while their cheating husband grows silver honestly.

How do people learn to love when there is so much hate and how do people give in when there's so much to take.

Sitting wide eyed, ocean floor, mountain high I am simplified.

Smoke the Pipe to see or deal or move, you are my mystic. 

Tears stream from my eyes knowing that this moment someone is being born, and someone dies we all run around trying to feel alive.

Cut from the same cloth we pretend we are so different, ripping each other apart full of indifference .

Competition is the thief of joy. peering over the edge of the most stunning cliff

not too far is a suicide hotline... Ring ring, Waiting for the call of someone who felt too small in a world masked in human frailty

we have one common enemy.

You. You who stand for things that are small, spreading fake news and ignoring it all. You who brings the woman home only to try on, a crashing drone. Upload to your instagram, I am not a god damn program. 

Walking past the poor with pockets full of gold, being sold over and over with no ethics to hold .

Manhood robbed like robbinhood , men growing up with cracked mothers , broke run down fathers with no role model.

Model into a different kind of being, being shaped into something we haven't seen.

Model Model me, shape myself into the perfect being.

Full of insight , hope and light, a complex concauction of vain divinity... Humanity. 

Divided we stand , shattered and all.. 50 stars and 13 stripes we can't seem to get it right.

Racist and confused hate bruised the minds of the narrow.

We shot an arrow and turned it into nuclear war.

Elected the puppets and assassinated Kennedy, poor Jackie sweetheart of society blood stained lace and brain matter traced... Her.

Man on the moon man in the moon can you see me now??!

Naked and loud I'm screaming out loud

E.T. come save me.

We judge ourselves from the beginning

we are told we are small, we won't amount to anything at all , stuck in a polluted system with only temporary moments of light.

We struggle for arts for the good things we love,

Standing up to haters, resisters and nay Sayers.

We let our dreams become pipe dreams, and our pipes become realities.

Human fallacy, I'm wrapped up in the stars from the galaxy ... Ashes to dust and dust we shall return ... burned , and re birthed into star stuff.

Born into this ... and at times, I know not what to do with it.   

Narcisistic art collector

If I made art only to make money 

I know just the piece I would make for you

Polished chrome cube, it sits on a golden guilded pedestal 

so you might look into me and only see yourself

perfect vanity 

Just like Narcissus, gasping for clarity

You who only consume and see the world so differently 

walk around purchasing originals made perfectly 

from people who posses actual creativity

You come into the studio and ask me to open my mind 

Honey, if the gods shined down on you a moment of divine

you would toast champagne to your own refection 

Ignoring the visionary introspection